3 Mistakes that new moms make

& how to avoid them

Congratulations! You’ve had a baby or you’re about to! You may have prepared for the birth. Read some books, surfed the internet and, if you did a good ante – natal class, you may even have felt prepared for those important, but oh so complicated (!) early needs: Feeding? Check! Nappy changing? Check! Sleeping? Check (kind of….this one is REALLY […]

find out about the 3 mistakes that new moms make with regards their baby's development and what can be done to avoid them

How to massage your baby

With more than 10 reasons why you should

Touch is one of the most powerful ways for you to bond with your baby and research has shown that baby massage plays a large role in promoting healthy growth and development. The positive effects are beneficial for all babies including those who may have neurological or developmental difficulties – just check with your physio or occupational therapist before embarking on full […]

top 10 reasons to massage your baby

All little girls should have a ‘doll like me’

Oh my word! Watch how wonderful this video is! What a fabulous idea to have toys with disabilities – such a great way to make disability an acceptable, everyday thing. And just imagine how good it would be for boosting a child’s self-esteem, self-confidence and belief in themselves. Toy Like Me is a UK based project […]

all little girls should have a doll like them. some great people making dolls for beautiful little children with disabilities
Aim for the moon quote

This is dedicated to the wonderful mum’s out there who never, ever, ever stop aiming for the moon when it comes to their children. Even though sometimes it feels so incredibly hard, the world is a brighter place because you do so thank you! xxx

Top 3 things to know about children, cerebral palsy & being left handed

Happy Left Handers Day!

Hello hello 🙂 Happy left handers day! Why on earth?! That was my initial thought when I discovered earlier in the week that there’s an International Left Handers day. Then I looked to see if there was a Right Handers Day – there isn’t. Looking into it though, I’ve discovered that it’s a really good thing. Particularly fascinating is the fact […]

Happy Youth Day 2016

Today is International Youth Day, a chance for us to celebrate young people, their views and the great things they do and the change they make in our lives and the world. The theme of this year is a bit of a mouthful: “The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty & Achieving Sustainable Consumption & Production”. Basically, how […]

youth day 2016

When Can You Start Tummy Time With Your Baby?

And Other FAQ's

You may be wondering when you should start tummy time with your newborn baby. The short answer is  – As soon as your baby is born!! Or at least as soon as you think about it.   If everything goes to plan and your baby is born without any complications, he or she will be placed […]

when can a baby start tummy time

4 Easy Ways To Practice Tummy Time, Any Time!

You know all about why tummy time is so important for your gorgeous little baby. Now it’s time to get comfortable with how to practice tummy time, anytime! Here are some ideas on how to incorporate tummy time whenever you are spending time with your baby whether you be lying down, sitting or standing. Lying down Tummy to tummy Position yourself […]

4 easy ways to do tummy time everyday